About PM

Patrick Mystery stands at the forefront of the Reggae evolution. “When he sings...Everyone listens...” His music can be described with one word...POWERFUL!...A mix of poetic, musical, lyrical genius. Patrick Mystery's songs hit the mark, prophetically. His involvement with music, like so many musical greats, began at an early age when he sang as a choirboy in his local Church choir. Always mesmerized by musical instruments, he first displayed his musical abilities on the harmonica. Since then this primarily self-taught musician, has added a number of other instruments to his repertoire. His true musical awakening came about when he first came across the music of the reggae legend Bob Marley. The social and political messages, rooted in a spiritual foundation, captivated him as none had done before...hence, reggae music became his source of inspiration and rootical knowledge, and the vehicle by which to transport his music to the masses.

Patrick Mystery brings "Truth to Light" through music. Powerful....Evocative... Urgent!

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